‘Users’ are people in your organisation who have access to your Charity Checkout platform. There are three types of user:

  • Administrator: this user has the top level of access to the platform. Administrators can are able to add, edit and remove users and update your organisation’s bank details. Administrators can only be added by Charity Checkout.
  • Manager: this user can access most areas of the platform and create/edit in the fundraising tools, but cannot add/edit users or change your organisation’s bank details.
  • User: this user can view fundraising pages, event pages, and team pages; view and export reports; and change settings related to notifications and add custom fields.

To add a new user:

1. Click Manage Users in the Charity Checkout menu.

Note: Only Administrators are able to access this area of the platform.

2. Click Add User.

3. In the pop-up window that opens, fill in the following fields for the new user: First Name, Last Name, Email.

4.  Select the role for the new user from the Role dropdown menu. This will change what level of access they have in the platform (see above for more detail).

Note: If you want to add a new Administrator to your platform, please contact us

5. If you want to change the email notifications the user will receive from the platform, click the Email notifications tab and untick the notifications they don’t want to receive.

6. Click Add.