You can add offline donations to your Profile page, Personal Fundraiser pages, Team pages, and Event pages.

Note: Only Administrators are able to access this area of the platform.

To add an offline donation:

  1. Select Manage > Offline Donations in the Charity Checkout menu.

  2. Click Add new.

  3. Enter the following information:
    • Name/Source: the name of the person donating or the source of the donation.

    • Applied to: the page you want to add the offline donation amount to. If you select Fundraising page, Team page, or Event page, you’ll also need to select the individual page.

    • Donation amount: the amount of the offline donation.

    • Donation date: the date you want to associate with the offline donation.

    • Message (optional): any message you want to appear under the donation on the page.

  4. To make the donation anonymous, tick Anonymous donation. The name/source of the donation will not be displayed on the page.

  5. To hide the donation, tick Hide donation. The donation will not be included as an individual donation on the page. However, the donation amount will still be included in the total amount raised for the page.

  6. Click Add Offline Donation.