In this article, we’ve provided an overview of each section of the Charity Checkout platform, including relevant training guides, and links to where you can get help.

Note: Some of the areas of the platform are only accessible to certain types of user, e.g. Manage Users and Verification Centre can only be accessed by Administrators.


The homepage of the platform. This is where you’ll be taken to when you first log in.


Your online fundraising toolkit. Create and manage Donation and Payment Checkouts, the Fundraiser Checkout, Event Pages, and Offline Donations (depending on your Charity Checkout package). You can also manage Personal Fundraiser and Team Pages created by your supporters.

Read: Setting up your first Donation Checkout, Setting up the Fundraiser Checkout, Creating a Payment Checkout


Take a look at your reports for individual payments, recurring donations, supporters, event registrations, payouts, and Gift Aid.

Read: Reports overview


View important data from your platform in the Insights dashboard, including total donation value, average donation value, and total number of donations.

Manage Users

Add new users from your organisation to your platform and edit current users.

Read; Adding users

SMS Giving

View the number of Smart Text Giving payments you’ve received.

My Details

Change the details of your organisation, including your address and phone number.

Read: Connecting Google Analytics to your platform


Update the settings for your platform for notifications, Custom Fields, your Marketing Permission Statement, and your Favicon.

Read: Adding your Marketing Permission Statement, Changing your email notifications, Creating a Custom Field, Adding a Favicon

Verification Centre

Add or change the bank account details for your organisation.

Read: Connecting your bank account


Read articles in our Knowledge Base and get in touch for help.

Getting started

The guides in the Getting Started section in our Knowledge Base will walk you through everything you need to do to get up and running on your platform.