A Donation Checkout is a donor journey where supporters can make a one-off or regular donation to your charity.

Before you first sign in to your Charity Checkout platform, we'll create your first Donation Checkout including your branding and logo. We recommend you customise your first Donation Checkout to make sure it suits your needs.

Note: Checkouts are only accessible to users with Administrator and Manager access.

To set up your Donation Checkout:

1. Select Manage > Checkout Links in the Charity Checkout menu.

2. Click Edit on the row with the Donation Checkout (the one with the £ icon next to it).

Step 1 - Set-up Your Page

You can change the following settings in Step 1:

  1. Campaign Title: the title of the Donation Checkout page.

  2. Payment page URL: the URL for the donation page (we recommend you leave this as /donate unless you have a good reason to change it).

  3. Reference Code: the unique reference code for the Donation Checkout which will appear in your Payments reports. This is not visible to donors.

  4. Open page in a pop-up window: opens the Donation Checkout in a pop-up window when they click the donate button/link on your website.

  5. Allow donor to leave a message: invites the donor to leave an optional private message to your charity during the checkout process.

  6. Allow the donor to pay transaction fee: invites the donor to cover the cost of the transaction fee (up to 5% with a limit of £5) during the checkout process. If they choose not to pay, your organisation will still be charged the admin fee.

    Note: This is different to our tip jar option which gives you 0% admin fees regardless of whether the donor chooses to add a tip. If you would like to enable the tip jar feature, please get in touch.

Click Next when you’re finished.

Step 2 - Add Payment Options

You can change the following settings in Step 2:

  1. Gift Aid option: allows the donor to add Gift Aid to their donation.

  2. Default Payment Frequency: choose which donation payment option you want to appear to the donor first, i.e. selecting Single will display the one-off payment options.

    Tip! If you want to encourage recurring donations, consider selecting Monthly as the default payment frequency.

  3. Fixed Donation Options: the suggested donation amounts for each payment frequency option. To add a new donation option, enter the following details under New option:
    1. Add the suggested amount in the Amount field.

    2. Add details of what this donation amount could pay for in the Description field (optional).

      Tip! Research shows that 64% of donors would increase their donation if they knew where it was being spent.

    3. Select the payment frequency you want this amount to appear under from the Payment frequency dropdown.

    4. Click Add.

      Tip! You should add donation options for each payment frequency you wish to include in your Donation Checkout. We recommend adding no more than five suggested amounts for each payment frequency option.

  4. Variable Donation Options: a Variable Donation Option is a field at the bottom of a Donation option which allows the donor to enter their own amount. If you want to remove an option, untick the box.

    Note: If you untick a Variable Donation Option (e.g. Quarterly) and have no Fixed Donation Options for that particular payment frequency, it will not appear as an option in the Donation Checkout.

Click Next when you’re finished.

Step 3 - Brand Your Page

You can change the following settings in Step 3:

  1. Edit colors: change the colours for the different areas of the Donation Checkout. To update a colour, click the square under the area you wish to change and select the colour from the colour selector.

  2. Upload logo: upload the logo for your organisation. This will appear at the top of the Donation Checkout pages.

  3. Donation button: create a donation button to add to your main website.
    • Use a Charity Checkout ‘Donate’ button: if you want to use a Charity Checkout branded button.
      • Color: Select the colour of the donation button from the dropdown.
      • Small or Large: Select the size of the button.
    • Upload your own 'Donate' button: click Choose file to upload your own donate button.

Tip! You can copy the HTML code for the Donate button in Step 5 - Preview.

Click Next when you’re finished.

Step 4 - Premium Features

Note: Custom Fields and Smart Text Giving are only available to customers on our premium packages. Please get in touch with our Customer Success Team if you want to get access to these features.

You can change the following settings in Step 4:

  1. Return URL: add a URL from your website to redirect donors to once they have completed their donation, e.g. a Thank You page. The donor will be redirected from the platform’s default Donation Checkout Thank You page.

    Tip! Use this feature if you didn’t select Open page in a pop-up window in Step 1 to keep donors within your main website.

  2. Smart Text Giving Campaign Code: add a code to allow donors to give to this Donation Checkout using Smart Text Giving.

  3. Enable Fundraising Meter: show the amount raised so far if the donor is donating to an Event page or Appeal.

  4. Allow Anonymous Donors: allow donors to donate anonymously to your charity.

    Note: If you enable this setting, you can’t use Custom Fields you’ve created in this Donation Checkout. The platform’s Shared Custom Fields can still be added.

  5. Regular Donations via Direct Debit Only: restrict regular donations to Direct Debit only.

  6. Auto sign-out donors: automatically sign out donors after they complete a payment.

  7. Hide social share buttons: remove the social share buttons from the default Donation Checkout Thank You page.

  8. 'Thank You' Messages: adds a thank you message in the donation receipt email which is sent after a donation is completed:
    1. Type or paste the text you want to appear in the text editor.

      Note: You don’t need to include a greeting (e.g. ‘Dear Sir/Madam’) at the beginning of the message. This will automatically be included in the email.

    2. If you want to add an attachment to the email, click Choose file, find the file on your computer and click Open.

    3. Click Send Test to send a test version of the email to yourself.

  9. Custom Fields: To add a Custom Field to the Donation Checkout, select it from the dropdown menu. To remove it click the X. To change the order, drag and drop the Custom Field to where you want it to appear in the list.

    Note: You can only add Custom Fields you have already created in the platform. To create a new custom field, read our Creating a Custom Field guide.

Click Next when you’re finished.

Step 5 - Preview

You can preview the following details of your Donation Checkout in Step 5:

  1. Payment page URL: This will be the URL for your Donation Checkout. To change this, go back to Step 1.

  2. Donate Button HTML: Use this code can to add the Donate button from Step 3 to your website.

  3. iFrame Integration Code: Use this code to embed the Donation Checkout into your website.

    Note: If you want help adding an iFrame or you have any questions about it, please get in touch.

  4. Mobile: This is the text message donors need to send to donate to this Donation Checkout by SMS Giving.

  5. Preview: This is a preview of the first step of your Donation Checkout.

Click Finish.