Since 2016, the law requires you to include an opt-in marketing permission statement when collecting user details. In the platform, the marketing permission statement appears on all of your payment checkout and personal fundraiser sign up pages.

We’ve included a generic marketing statement in your platform but we recommend that you customise it, particularly to link to your website’s Privacy Policy.

Tip! Read the ICO’s guide for charities about GDPR for more information about how to make sure you comply with privacy law.

To customise the marketing permission statement:

1. Click Settings in the Charity Checkout menu.

2. Click the Marketing Permission Statement tab.

3. Click the Pencil icon to open the Edit Permission Statement pop-up window.

4. Click Edit.

5. Edit the Marketing Permission Statement in the Label field.

Tip! You can format your statement using the options below the Label field, e.g. add a link to your website’s Privacy Policy.

6. From the Type dropdown, select either Checkbox or Multi-select checkbox. Checkbox will add a single checkbox to your statement so people can opt-in to your marketing. Multi-select checkbox allows you to add multiple checkboxes for multiple opt-in options, e.g. post, email, SMS, phone.

Tip! Consider using Multi-select checkbox if you use different kinds of marketing or are or are planning to in the future. This will offer greater control to your supporters.

7. (Skip to 8. if you are using Checkbox) If you’ve selected Multi-select checkbox, add the marketing option (e.g. Post) in the Answer options field. Repeat the process until you’ve added all of your relevant marketing opt-in options.

8. Select where you want the marketing permission statement to appear from the Location dropdown. There are three options for where the statement can appear:

  1. Registration: At the bottom of the page where supporters register their personal details.
  2. Confirm: At the bottom of the Gift Aid declaration page.
  3. Payment Success: At the bottom of the page which tells the supporter their donation has been successful.

9. Click Update.