To receive any money you raise on the platform, you must connect your organisation’s bank account and upload a copy of your bank statement from the last three months.

Note: The bank account you connect must be both in the name of, and owned by, your registered legal entity.

The bank statement must:

  • Include the bank logo
  • Be dated within the last 3 months
  • Be in the name of your registered legal entity
  • Include your sort code and account number
  • Include the address of your registered legal entity

If you use an online bank, you can upload a PDF statement. We don’t accept screenshots.

To connect your organisation’s bank account:

1. Select Verification Centre in the Charity Checkout menu.

2. Enter the account holder name in the Account holder name field.

3. Enter the branch code in the Branch code (Sort code) field.

4. Enter the account number in the Account number field.

5. To upload the bank statement, click Choose file, select the bank statement from your computer and click Open. The file must be a pdf, jpg, jpeg, or png. Alternatively, you can drag the file directly into the area within the dotted lines.

6. Click the tick box to confirm you have read and agreed to Charity Checkout’s Terms and Conditions.

7. Click Submit.

Note: If your bank details aren’t connected, any funds which you raise will be held in our ring-fenced client account.